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Welcome to Ron Seiber Home Inspection

How Much Will It Cost?

I have flat-rate prices so you know right now the complete price. No questions about the home to determine the price you pay: "What is the sales price?" or "What is the square footage?" or "What is the city or zip code?" The sales price and city should have nothing to do with the price. You just pay the flat rate price and no more. After the inspection, I guarantee you will say: "I learned a lot. You were very thorough."

Single Homes under 5,000sf: $520      |      5,000sf to 6000sf: $600      |      6,000sf to 7,000sf: $650      |      7,000sf to 8,000sf: $750      |      8,000sf to 9,000sf: $800      |      9,000sf to 10,000sf: $850      |      over 10,000sf: $900
All 3 or 4 Level Townhomes : $480 Inspection Time: 2 1/2 Hours
All 2 Level Townhomes With No Basement: $440 Inspection Time: 2 1/2 Hours
All 1 Level Condos: $420 - All 2 Level Condos: $430 - All 3 Level Condo Townhomes: $440 - Inspection Time: 1 1/2 to 2 Hours
How Do I Make An Appointment?

I work Monday through Saturday and you must choose either the 9am time or the 3pm time. Call me to find out what my available times are and then call your agent to finalize the time.

Call or Text me at 703-426-1999
Email me at:
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Inspectors check "everything they can see and everything that is visible to the eye." They check the slope of the land, the outside of the home, the structure and foundation, the roof and gutters, the chimney, the basement, the plumbing system, and the electrical system. They also check the heating system, the air conditioning system in summer, crawl spaces, the attic and attic insulation. Finally, they check all doors, bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, walls, ceilings, floors, stairs, and the kitchen with its appliances.

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Why Do I Need An Inspection?

When you want to buy a used car, you take the car to a mechanic to find out "the current condition of the car." The mechanic will tell you what kinds of problems the car may have. Home inspectors do the same thing. Inspectors tell you about leaks and plumbing problems, window and door problems, or about outlets that don't work properly. You will also be told about any safety problems, and the condition and life expectancy of major replacement items like the roof, the furnace, and the air conditioning compressor. Once you know the problems the home has, your agent can "sometimes" use this information to have the seller fix the problems, or pay you at settlement so you can fix them. Inspections also are important to lessen the chance of having any "unpleasant surprises" after you move in. So you need an inspection 1) to know the problems the home has before settlement 2) to be compensated by the seller monetarily for any problems found 3) and to have peace of mind and feel confident about your purchase - that you are making the right decision. It is always wise to have a home inspection.

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How Long Will the Inspection Take?

Single homes will take about 3 to 4 hours, townhomes will take about 3 hours, and all condos (one level and two level) will take about 2 hours.

When Will I Get the Inspection Report and Photos?

If the inspection is in the morning starting at 9am, then you will receive the report by 2pm. If the inspection is in the afternoon starting at 3pm, then you will receive the report by 8:30pm. You will receive 3 files: the PDF Report containing all the home information, the PDF Summary which lists all the problems and recommendations, and the PDF Printable Photos. You will receive around 150 photos of all the problems found including photos of the roof shingles, attic, furnace, hot water heater, main water shut-off, and the a/c compressor outside the home.

Where In Virginia and Maryland Do You Inspect?

In Virginia, I inspect in the following counties: Fairfax, Arlington, Prince William, Loudoun, Fauquier, and Stafford. In Maryland, I inspect in all of Montgomery, and Prince George's Counties. In addition to Virginia and Maryland, I also serve Washington D.C.